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New York City To Grant Record $50 M For Cultural Institutions

The New York City administration has announced to set $51.4 million in grants for cultural institutions, a record amount for the city.

The unusually large grant is largely due to the $230 million expense budget that the New York City department received at the beginning of the year, which was also a record. As the year comes to a close, the department has decided to grant a significant portion of the funds to cultural institutions. In total, 1,022 non-profit art and culture organizations across the five New York Burroughs will receive the grant.

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The organizations receiving the grant vary in size and type. Big organizations like Guggenheim and Whitney will receive the grant, as will many smaller institutions. The department has set aside $6 million for organizations that have previously received donations from the city. Around $5 million will go towards 654 grantees in 33 New York neighborhoods, including Jackson Heights. These neighborhoods were identified by Task Force on Racial Inclusion and Equity (TRIE) and Social Impact on Art Project (SIAP) as localities in need of priority support.

The department also decided to delegate some of the fund distribution on the councils that represent the Burroughs of New York. The councils split around $5.9 million to support 258 grantees, but another $2.9 million was given to the council to distribute as they see fit. Other funds were set aside for objectives like art education and art fellowship for the disabled.

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Vicki Been (Deputy Mayor, Housing and Economic Development, New York City) said in a statement:

“Because New York City plays such an important role in training, inspiring, and providing spaces for the world’s artists and creators, we have a particular responsibility to support these burgeoning visionaries in their craft”.