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New York Stock Exchange will witness an Artist make $2 Million diamond disappear

You must have heard weird things related to magic tricks and stuff in the past. However, we are going to tell you about one of the weirdest tricks of magic that is going to take place soon. We are talking about an Artist who is claiming to make $2 Million diamond disappear from plain sight in broad daylight. Not only that, he will perform this trick at none other than the New York Stock Exchange.

The artist we are talking about is Diemut Strebe who is planning to make the diamond vanish. This work from Strebe named as The Redemption of Vanity will go on display from September 13 at the NYSE.

The piece which is called as “the blackest black ever created,” is a 16.78-carat natural yellow diamond which is valued at $2 Million. This diamond will be shrouded into nanotubes made out of carbon also known as CNT. Placing this diamond into CNT will give an effect that the diamond has disappeared from human sight. In reality, the diamond will remain exactly where it was kept.

This exhibition is scheduled to start from September 13 and will run through November 25 where it will be on display at the NYSE. This work from Strebe is in collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she is also an artist-in-residence. It is said that carbon nanotubes absorb 99.96 per cent of surrounding light which means that the light coming out of diamond, or anything else for that matter, will not be visible.

Giving a statement on her work, Strebe said “That the piece is on display at the New York Stock Exchange is a good match. [The project] explores how material and immaterial value is attached to objects and concepts in reference to luxury, society and to
 art. Though both the diamond and the carbon nanotubes are made of the same element, carbon, the atomic lattice structure of the diamond and the CNT isn’t different. One reflects light to the extreme, and the other absorbs it to the most opposite extreme. It will appear entirely flat.”