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Nina Katchadourian added to Pace Gallery’s Roster just ahead of new home’s opening

We have already reported regarding Pace Gallery’s new 8-storeyed building in the heart of Manhattan. This new building will become the new home to Pace Gallery when the building gets ready. However, the Pace Gallery is rapidly expanding before that and it is adding new artists to the roster and appointing new faces to lead the Gallery as well.

Apart from that, we have informed you about the new initiative launched by Pace Gallery named PaceX. This is basically a new way to commission art-and-technology projects from different artists. Apart from that, we have seen various artists being added by Pace Gallery to its roster. And we now have a new up-and-coming artist who has been added by Pace Gallery to its roster.

We are talking about Nina Katchadourian who is the latest entry to Pace Gallery’s roster. Nina is known to be a Brooklyn and Berlin-based conceptual artist. Her work focuses on ways in which viewers see what is worth seeing and what is not. Pace Gallery will share representation of Nina with San Francisco gallery, Catharine Clark which has been representing her from a long time.

Talking about her addition to Pace Gallery, Nina said that “I’m incredibly happy, I’ve never worked with a gallery that operates on this scale, and there are going to be great things about their reach.” “Seat Assignment” series is one of the most popular projects from Nina which is ongoing as well. In this project, she uses a phone’s camera to take photos and videos mid-flight on airplanes.

While talking more about her representation by the Pace Gallery, she said “I made it very clear that I do a lot of different things,” “and I want to keep doing that. It was a fruitful conversation.”. She also hopes that Pace’s multivalent programming will allow the gallery to support more expansive aspects of her portfolio.