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One-Day-Only sale of Mother’s Vintage Clothes held by East Hampton Art Dealer

It has been revealed that New York Art Dealer named Harper Levine who is famous for his collection of rare books and also known as the tastemaker held a One-Day-Only sale recently. This was in order to make sales of vintage clothes and shoes that were owned by his late mother. By doing this, he also ventured out of his zone as he usually makes sales out of shops in East Hampton.

In a statement, he said “My mother collected clothes and shoes much in the same way that people collect books and art, She used to fly to Paris and buy clothing and shoes. She was fanatical about it, and at one point she had over 300 pairs of Ferragamo shoes alone. People do this now with sneakers, but I don’t think anyone does it anymore with Ferragamos.”

Levine said that ” like many things, and many good ideas, I just could never find the time, ” referring to the fact that they wanted to present his mother’s catalogue in a different way than a straight sale. Levine and his wife, Marianne, a renowned novelist, had initially planned to memorialize his mother’s collection by publishing a catalogue and presenting it in a more sophisticated way. He added that “The catalogue never happened, but presenting her collection in the gallery became the next best approach.”

Cynthia Rowley, a fashion designer, purchased a dark blue YSL leather jacket from the mid-1980s. Levine said that he was particularly attached with the item but he also expressed enthusiasm saying that “I’m thrilled with the provenance,” of a new home for the item.