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Painter of Warped Cartoons, Joyce Pensato, has died aged 78

Joyce Pensato is an artist who was also regarded as a painter’s painter. The reason being that she had devoted her career to what is called mining the psychology behind cartoon iconography and she was famously known for her creation, Warped Cartoons. She has died at the age of 78.

It is a fact that Joyce Pensato was loved by all her fellow artists as well as contemporaries. However, she was not particularly a point of interest for collectors who were looking to collect art pieces. She was recognized as an art star back in the mid-2000s.

Joyce Pensato, in her career, had a studio which was legendary as well as a personality which was outspoken. However, it is said that the paintings were less messier than Pensato’s studio which says something about her studio’s messiness.

It is known that toys and cartoons like Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat as well as Batman and Simpson were used by Joyce Pensato to train her eyes several times throughout her career. She used her expressionist brushstrokes to reveal the other part of consumer desire: it’s Dark Side.

Being born in Brooklyn back in 1941, Pensato had a borough in which she used to live and work for the better part of her life. She went for studies at the Art Students League of New York which was before she enrolled into the New York Studio School.

Joye Pensato then spent six years working with painters Mercedes Matter and Joan Mitchell and she also shared a studio with Christopher Wool. In an interview, Pensato has mentioned that “Joan and Mercedes were both strong-willed women and they were my mentors”

Pensato’s gallerist, Friedrich Petzel revealed in a statement:

“The last few months were hard for many of her admirers. But Joyce kept being Joyce, full of energy, humor, and drive to create art. Nothing could stop her, she has been a true inspiration for everyone who was touched by her.”