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PHAMOUS PHRILLZ continues to inspire Philadelphia’s rap culture

If you wanted to listen to your favorite R&B singer or rapper, you might want to ask DJ to play your favorite artist’s songs. There is no doubt that DJs have played a large role in influencing hip-hop. Rap would not be what it is today without DJs; they have captivated American listeners through their passion. DJs were a prominent force when hip-hop was established in the 1970s.  In local parties, clubs, and live concerts, DJs control the sequence of performances.

PHAMOUS PHRILLZ influences Philadelphia’s Hip-Hop. Hip-hop’s ever-evolving world has drawn him from the age of 14 to impact, transform, and lead the industry. You can find PHAMOUS PHRILLZ’s mixtape from almost every shop in Philadelphia. More than 10,000 mixtapes contain the PHAMOUS PHRILLZ music stamp.  In addition to being the CEO of his own firm, PHAMOUS PHRILLZ manages several multimedia brands. On WJYN 98.5 FM, PHAMOUS PHRILLZ has a huge local fan following. This nightly show by PHAMOUS PHRILLZ is amongst the list of most famous shows.

PHAMOUS PHRILLZ was appointed Executive Vice President of Music Curation for RADIOPUSHERS. RADIOPUSHERS is a leading music monetization agency for ultra-progressive artists and entrepreneurs. PHAMOUS PHRILLZ obtained the position of DJ Lifestyle Curator for RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine.