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Post-Pandemic, DJ Rockstar Is All Set To Launch New Music & Concerts

DJs are rock stars by nature. Their skills can quickly fill a boring event with life and energy. DJ Rockstar is a great example of this fact. In these tough times, the talented DJ is returning to hype the world.

DJ Rockstar getting back with his long-time collaborators Joe Zangie and Rockell to create some new music for their fans. The trio is known for their hit numbers like “In a dream”, “I’ll be loving you”, “Can’t we try”, “Mad About You” and many others. During the pandemic, the world came to a halt and concerts were the last thing on anyone’s mind. DJ Rockstar tried to make the best of this time by exploring, experimenting and creating new music. Now, he is all set to get back in the game and release new songs under the label of Fever Records. Not just that, but he is also planning new concerts for his fans. Clearly, he has a lot planned for music lovers across the country.

DJ Rockstar at his game

Born as Harry L Taylor III, DJ Rockstar had a tough beginning in life. He lost his parents and two brothers by the time he was in his mid-30s. He grew up at the Hill Creek housing project in Philadelphia. A self-made man, he worked hard and started to work in law by the time he was 20. But there was something else waiting for him. As a hobby, he would often do karaoke with his friend and co-worker Jack Keenan. Realizing his potential and encouraged by friends, Harry decided to enter the world of music. And thus, DJ Rockstar was born.

The 44-year old DJ has seen a lot of action on his journey. He was first mentored by DJ Jason E, who also became his life-long friend. Soon, he met Rockell and Joe Zangie of Fever Records, and so began a long collaboration between the trio. DJ Rockstar found a second home in Atlantic City, where he is a resident DJ at Atlantic City Nightlife. Most of the time he is traveling between Atlantic City and Philadelphia, but he doesn’t mind that one bit.

As a DJ, he understands the importance music plays in venues like casinos. If the music is dull, it can affect how customers would spend at the casino. Hence, DJ Rockstar always tries to set the tone right from the very beginning. He likes to surprise his audience, so they could never guess what’s coming. In simple terms, the guy revels in music. He believes that he is his best self when he is creating or mixing music.

Not many fans know this, but DJ Rockstar loves working as a radio mix DJ. In the early phase of his career, he has worked at several radio stations across Philly. Now that he is a successful DJ, he still leaves no chance of working at a radio station. Unlike most other DJs who confine themselves to a style, DJ Rockstar tends to think of himself as an “open format DJ”. His work has landed him a place at the Radio City Hall of Fame in New York City.

DJ Rockstar with DJ Skribble

DJ Rockstar’s career has been nothing but prolific. Over the years, he has worked alongside some of the most notable names in the industry. Back when Tiesto was the headliner at the famed Revel Casino, DJ Rockstar was his brother-in-arms during a wildly successful New Year’s Eve party. He has shared a booth with Justina Valentine, better known for MTV’s West N Wild. He has also worked alongside the likes of DJ Snake, DJ Skribble, Zack Martino, and many others. DJ Rockstar is also a part of Senate DJs, a network of elite DJs from various states of the USA like New York, Florida, and New Jersey. Being part of this elite group allows him to perform concerts internationally without hassle.

DJ Rockstar continues to work in law during the day and is a resident of Center City in Philadelphia. He hopes to continue working for another decade, serving the community. His love affair with music, however, is another thing. He believes that he would continue being a DJ for as long as he is alive. DJ Rockstar is a father of two kids, and one of his goals in life is to be a great role model to them. Witnessing his extraordinary journey from an orphaned kid to a successful artist, we can say that he succeeded in his goal.

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