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Public Exhibition Program discontinued by New York’s Allan Stone Projects

Allan Stone Projects which was located in New York has made a decision to conclude its public exhibition program. It is known that the New York-based Allan Stone Gallery was founded in 1960. Also, the gallery has been showcasing art from the late dealer Allan Stone’s collection for the last six years.

However, Allan Stone Projects has sent a letter this morning to their friends, clients and colleagues notifying them that the gallery will operate privately once its current exhibitions of works by Domenic Turturro and Primarosa Cesarini Sforza are closed on June 29 as reported by Art News.

This letter was sent by the President of Allan Stone Projects, Dorothy Goldeen, to all the aforementioned people. We know that there has been a new way in which the galleries operate as compared to the older times. Now, the business ideas have shifted and so have the audience. Goldeen told ARTnews that “we’re in the middle of a major paradigm shift.” and she added that they are moving away from “an old model that’s clearly morphing.” She said this while also pointing to the digital platforms and pop-ups as vehicles by Allan Stone Projects.

Goldeen added that “The bottom line is that we love art, we’re educators, we enjoy changing somebody’s world by giving them the opportunity to live with extraordinary works of art, It’s such a privilege, and we’re going to continue to do that.”

Allone Stone Gallery was established as one of the most important galleries in New York during the 1960s and it also gave artists their first major shows in the city and a platform for them to present their work to the audience. These artists included names such as César, Jack Whitten, and Robert Mallory. Recently, some famous artists such as Wayne Thiebaud, Whitten, Robert Baribeau, and Willem de Kooning have had their shows in the gallery.