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Qatar Museums Cancel Opening Of Minimalism Exhibition Amidst Israel-Palestine War

The Qatar Museums announced to call off the opening of its blockbuster exhibition celebrating minimalistic works.

Titled “Dan Flavin | Donald Judd: Doha”, the exhibition was supposed to showcase 60 works by the two masters of minimalistic art – Dan Flavin and Donald Judd. Scheduled to open on October 25, and organized by Michael Govan (Director, LACMA) and Jennifer King (associate curator), it was said to be the largest exhibition featuring the two Minimalists.

However, the Qatar Museums released a statement, announcing the cancellation of the opening celebration of the exhibition. A spokesperson further said, “This turbulent and painful time is not a moment to celebrate.” While the museum gave no reason behind the cancellation, many have already assumed it to be related to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

Earlier this month, Hamas, the Palestinian militant organization, killed 1,400 people in an attack in Israel. Following this, Israel launched full-scale military action against Palestine that has killed more than 2,800 people so far. While the Qatari government has not formally taken a side in the conflict, many in Qatar have thrown open support for Palestine. This includes Sheikha Al-Mayassa, sister of Qatar’s Emir and chairperson of Qatar Museums.

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Many are anticipating a slew of event cancellations similar to the ones witnessed at the outbreak of the Russian invasion of Ukraine last year. The Academy Museum in Los Angeles already cancelled a gala citing the conflict.