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Redefining the expressionism is what the Italian Painter is doing 

We know how artists are particular, emotional and exuberant characters. Each artist has his own idea, style and way of wanting to put his emotions on canvas. But how important is it really to have your own voice? Have a style that can be recognized miles away?

The Italian painter Chiara Magni was able to redefine Expressionism by giving it a new vitality and freshness.

Chiara is known and collected all over the world with hundreds of paintings sold.

Her paintings are in oil and very rich in texture.

In 2020, he felt the need to give a name and a definition to his style.

“For many years I defined myself as an impressionist painter, but then I realized that this style did not completely define me. In full respect of the masters of the past, and without trying to be what I am not, I wanted to find a meeting point between impressionism and expressionism ”

In an attempt to find this delicate balance, Chiara found the style she called Bright Expressionism.

This style is very free in shape and design, but very severe and thoughtful in the choice of colors.

The imperfect perspectives and also the features of the faces are not at all realistic and do not follow the normal canons, unlike the classic expressionism, here we have the desire to evoke positive emotions. The choice of colors is never casual, studied completely and profoundly and acts as a real therapy.

All subjects can be represented with this style, portraits, landscapes, animals etc, there is no limit to what can be represented. What characterizes the style is precisely how the subjects are represented. The colors are very vivid, on each canvas, there are many colors, many shades, the colors are not mixed too much, what you want to do is to have a wide range of colors that keep their brightness and saturation. The strokes of color are mainly combined with a lot of texture to create a play of shades and almost an optical illusion of shapes and depth.

The color wheel is followed with a lot of dedication, all colors are carefully chosen and are never random.

The painting is created with a lot of impetus and impulsiveness, some shapes are only hinted at and some are very marked, but every single color is chosen with great care and with a specific emotion that is created in the observer.

There is no better way to explain this style than to observe the beautiful works of Chiara.

This is definitely a very interesting style, constantly evolving and with a lot of potentials.