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Registrar Of The Year, Rajshree Solanki, donates prize money to Internship Program

Rajshree Solanki became the first recipient of the Registrar of the Year award. But the Hirshhorn Museum registrar won hearts with her decision about the prize money.

At the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, situated in Washington DC, Rajshree Solanki manages its 12,000-strong collection every day. It was her this dedication, as well as the support of all those who voted for her, that made her the first recipient of the Registrar Of The Year award. The award, created by logistics company Atelier 4, also earned her a reward of $5000. However, Solanki decided to donate the prize money Smithsonian’s Office of Fellowship and Internships. Particular, the money will go towards their minority internship program. Solanki was a part of this program at the beginning of her career.

Rajshree Solanki said that she was honored to be recognized for her work while adding the various roles registrars play in maintaining the museum. Apart from Hirshhorn, Solanki had also contributed towards the Historical Society of Washington, D.C. She was also active during the recent federal government shutdown in helping the furloughed federal employees. She also said that her aim behind donating the money was inspiring more students to join collection management and registration.

The Registrar of The Year award was constituted earlier this year to honour the often-overlooked registrars of the art world. From the hundreds of nominations, only a few were shortlisted into the final round. Clynton Lowry, editor-in-chief of Art Handler and one of the judges, said that Solanki “makes the world around her a better place.”