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Reid Heidenry’s Journey to Becoming a Top Real Estate Agent in Miami

Making it in the real estate industry is no easy task, especially when there are so many realtors to compete with and a limited supply of inventory. It took Reid Heidenry 16 years to become a top real estate agent at Sotheby’s Miami Beach.

Heidenry started his journey when he left his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, to go to the University of Miami. He also found personal growth, as well as a balanced and happy life. Once he graduated with a degree in buiness, Heidenry landed a job as an agent with Next Model Management, before transitioning to the real estate industry.

Heidenry makes it of monumental importance to learn as much as possible, remaining disciplined and consistent in his approach. While many of his peers were hopping from one career to the next in search of their passion, Heidenry stayed focused on real estate. Eventually, his hard work began to pay off as his in-depth knowledge and expertise of 16 years in the industry created countless opportunities.

His work in fashion propelled him to become a trusted realtor for his vast network of high-end fashion clientele who were looking to purchase a home in Miami. Heidenry takes great pride in establishing an authentic and personal relationship with his clients- his clients trust him because they know he prioritizes their best interests during the home buying process. His genuine and trust-based relationships are reflected in repeat clients, as well as numerous referrals.

Heidenry is bullish on Miami, noting that it is relatively young compared to other major metropolitan cities in the U.S. If Miami were a stock, he says he would definitely be buying – he believes that owning property in Miami is analogous to owning stock in the city. He feels that Miami has immense potential to grow and is keen on helping his clients find the ideal home for them and their families. Heidenry also says the city is an attraction because of its tropical-like environment, a wide range of people from different backgrounds, as well as a multitude of exciting activities – as well as the fact that the state has no income tax.

Heidenry says that Miami is shedding its image as a party city due to the influx of people moving from around the U.S. and other countries to take advantage of fewer Covid restrictions and increased options to work from everywhere. He says professionals are now moving to Miami not just to party, but also to work and conduct business.

When he is not spending countless hours working on the computer or showing his properties, Heidenry enjoys watching Netlifx, traveling, and going to great venues like The Standard and Socialista Lounge. Although he wants to get better and achieve more in his field, he always takes time to reflect on his accomplishments to remain centered. He has come a long way since he first moved to Miami almost two decades ago.

To get in touch with Reid regarding real estate, contact him here. Follow his Instagram to get an inside look at his life and all the best things about Miami.