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Salvador Dalí work goes missing from San Francisco Gallery

We saw earlier this year that an extremely expensive golden toilet seat got stolen from a museum in London. Now, a similar incident has happened in another part of the world where work from the gallery has gone missing. According to a report from the ARTnews, police are on the hunt to find a missing artwork from Salvador Dalí. Reportedly, the print was priced at $20,000 and it was picked up from San Francisco gallery over the weekend.

It is currently known from the initial investigation that this work was stolen on Sunday from Dennis Rae Fine Art bu perpetrator who is not identified yet and is still missing. It took “less than a minute” for the heist according to gallery’s director Rasjad Hopkins who said this to the Associated Press.

He added that the said perpetrator was “in and out of there in a shot,”. Talking about the missing artwork, it has been found out that the piece titled as Burning Giraffe made in 1966 was insured along with all other works in gallery’s current show which is taking place on Geary Street. This means that the insurance would cover this theft.

However, it has been found that the thief was caught on surveillance camera’s footage and that the perpetrator took the piece from its place on easel which was unsecured from a lock-and-cable. It can be seen that the thief was holding the print in his right arm and carrying it down the street. But we understand that this is not the first time that a theft took place in the gallery. Because a report from KRON4 mentions that similar type of incident took place few weeks ago in the same gallery where a statue was stolen from Fisherman’s Wharf.