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Santa Monica House By Pierre Koenig To Sell For $4.6M

The Schwartz House in Santa Monica, designed by Pierre Koenig, will be hitting the market for $4.55 million.

The 2400-sqaure-feet house, similar to other projects designed by Peirre Koenig like The Bailey House and The Stahl Houe, is architecturally gorgeous. The house was commissioned by Martin Schwartz and Melrose Cunanan-Schwartz, and was completed in 1994. The house is also notable as the last project completed by Peirre Koenig, one of the greatest modernist architects, in his lifetime.

The experimental architectural work is merely held by four steel columns to reduce its impact on the ground. The structure also doesn’t directly face the street but rotates 30 degrees to face sunlight and the ocean breeze. The main building consists of three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. There is also a ‘hidden’ one-bedroom, one-bath guest house at the back. The design of the house is also equally marvelous. Opace glass fencings and railings securely surrounds the house, offering privacy to its residents. While the exterior has an industrial feel with glavanized wall panels and black steel, the interior showcases the modernistic sensibilities of Koenig.

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The house is currently being sold by its second owner. As such, it is said to be in near-original condition with minimal changes from what Koenig designed. The house previously went on the market in 2021 for a similar price of $4.4 million, but was later pulled off from the listings. However, now there is a real chance that the last project by Pierre Koenig might find a new owner.