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The new MoMA opens to public one day early with free admission

We have seen that a new location was built by MoMA and we have also reported that protests also took place at this new location. These protests happened when guests had gathered at the museum for having a toast to celebrate what they achieved with their new project. Now, the protests were not against MoMA in particular but against its trustee. Anyways, we are here to tell you that MoMA has decided to carry forward with its opening.

In fact, MoMA has decided that they will open their doors for the public a day early. Museum of Modern Arts in New York have followed their $450 million renovation project with a special event called “A Day for New York”. Also, there is free admission for everyone in and around New York for the day to have a look at the newly- renovated place.

Speaking to ARTnews, MoMA’s representative stated that “We decided to celebrate with visitors from New York and around the world by offering free admission to all on Sunday, one day before we officially open the new MoMA on October 21. Come and celebrate with us!”. Also, this tells us that the official date of opening for MoMA is still October 21 but the doors have been opened a day ahead for the special event.

Due to the free admission, anyone can see the museum’s new permanent collection galleries such as its Betye Saar and Pope.L shows including its sundry other offerings without paying a cent. Now, we feel that this is a very clever move by the Museum of Modern Arts and it is also a way for them to give it back to the people of New York.