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The Popular Russian Blogger And Roof-Topper Angela Nikolau Challenges New Heights In NFT World

The most extreme girl according to the British media has climbed most of the world’s tallest and famous skyscrapers and rooftops and is now conquering new heights in NFT world.

Angela Nikolau, a Moscow-based artist, blogger, photographer, and roof-topper seems to be successful in all the spheres that she’s taking up. 700k followers, Cartier photo shootings, personal art exhibitions, articles in world press (Cosmopolitan, Elle, The Times, Bazaar), starring in movies – these are one of the many things the young girl has managed to achieve by her early 20s. Just a month ago, in July 2022 she started creating her NFT works and caught the attention of top NFT art collectors and appraisers on, where she has already become TOP 7 artists of the week, and her latest collection slid into Top 3 collections of the day. The adventurous artist posts photos of herself doing gymnastic tricks wearing dresses, bodysuits and high-heels on the world’s most dangerous rooftops – no wonder that such photos create a huge hype around her persona. When you look at her photos – you can feel the whole spectrum of emotions – from getting goosebumps to butterflies in your stomach and your heart skipping a bit.

Check Angela’s top art pieces on Foundation:

The last few years were full of events and achievements for Angela – she has also starred in 2 documentary films – “On the edge of Freedom”, which is devoted to the topic of finding your inner freedom and escaping from boring reality and “Kto Je Dalsi”, which shows 3 real-life stories from Slovakia, Russia and Canada, one of them being a narrative about 2 famous roof-toppers trying to climb up a building in a nuclear power plant and also conquer the girl’s heart. Angela still has a lot of new upcoming projects to surprise her followers and admirers: the new movie featuring the brave girl will be released in 2023.

Angela herself describes her roof climbing process as a strategic game: you have to foresee a lot of things in advance to reach the summit and complete the level. Good roofers know how to calm down a security dog by giving it some food, how to sneak into the building without being seen by the cameras and what is a must-have in your bag to spend several hours under the boiling sun doing sophisticated physical exercise. During the process itself she is as focused as possible – when you’re taking such risks, you’d better be controlling every single muscle of your body. However, the most difficult thing according to Angela is not doing all the tricks without a safety rope (she never uses one) but avoiding being caught by the securities or the police. Otherwise – you have to run fast! But sometimes even for such a professional, troubles with the police are inevitable. On the president’s inauguration day Angela and her boyfriend were conquering one of the high stations that was located right in front of the Eiffel tower in Paris. Angela was wearing a beautiful ballet skirt while climbing and her boyfriend was shooting a video from a drone when suddenly they saw a laser pointing at them. These were real snipers down there and a whole police brigade was waiting for the guys on the ground, thinking that they were spies and had a plan against the French government. The young couple spent 36 hours in prison, with no food or clean water, went through a series of physical checks and investigations but finally got released with no serious accusations. Angela even managed to save the memory stick, losing which would have been the worst thing to a roofer.

Already when she was three years old she knew she wanted to be an artist – she started painting at a very young age and later this helped her make ends meet while a student – she combined giving drawing lessons to children and the job of a governmental building cleaner. As a child she was also doing gymnastics – that’s where all her breath-catching tricks come from – but she has always preferred art to gymnastics and managed to make it her profession, having received the necessary higher education. She never set goals for herself as a roofer – she doesn’t see it as a competition where you need to climb as many skyscrapers or the most secure buildings. Roof-topping is more of a hobby that grew into something big and life-changing. But as for her art – she definitely takes it seriously. As an artist her goal is to make unique masterpieces and constantly improve her skills, to create her own style and to be included into future drawing books with her sculptures and art works. She has already made the first steps in this direction – and organized her first personal artworks exhibition in Moscow, where she portrayed grown-up problems, such as women and LGBTQ+ community problems, ecology, and restrictions inside our heads through a prism of Lego toys.

Angela hopes that her path that she has chosen in NFT world will help her fulfill the dream of putting her art in record. At the moment she’s very thankful for all the support of the NFT community who accepted her first NFT works in such a warm and welcomed way.

You can follow Angela on her Instagram.