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Toronto’s Eyjay Inc. is going global but won’t forget his roots! 

Ali Jammal; who goes by the name AJ is a  young Canadian visual artist located in Toronto. He exhibits his work through his organization, EyJay Inc. AJ’s work revolves around abstraction where the artist seeks to interpret people’s inner thoughts, asking viewers to reminisce their own sentiments through his visual art. He talks about his creations taking the observer from a feeling of distress and despair to a place of serenity.

His works find its general interest for anyone open to looking at themselves via what they reflect onto the physical world, as they are made through and for techniques of transmitting inner confrontations and magnifications.

AJ’s career began with a bang in the local arts community in Toronto. His distinctive and original approach to painting rapidly garnered him notoriety. This prompted requests for him to show his work across the United State and Europe in order to reach new audiences. AJ’s art contains both gorgeous and thought-provoking pieces. Critics and collectors alike have complimented AJ’s work, as he rapidly became one of the most sought-after painters in the world.

 In 2015, AJ began commercially selling his paintings after finding the therapeutic aspects of making art. He mastered his style and built his creative philosophy through time, which he now applies to all of his current works. Top celebrities have commissioned AJ to produce one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes. His work can be found in the houses of rap artists like Preme and NBA players like Tristan Thompson. Furthermore, several A-list celebrities continue to commission him. 

Many of his works are resin-glossed abstract acrylic paintings that come to life when the light touches them. An epitome of magnificence that one can only witness through one’s naked eye. 

During the pandemic as the world was locked indoors and people began looking at the world from a renewed perspective, AJ spent a lot of time in his studio, experimenting and seeking out new techniques. Exploring various textures and mediums without worrying about the quantity of paints or how a piece would eventually turn out. AJ believes that he became a better, finer artist and produced some of his best works during the pandemic. Moreover, AJ urges everyone to express themselves. Using art as a medium of self-expression can be the most freeing experience. He believes that even if it’s critical to discover and pursue your muse, it will always offer emotional benefits.

AJ plans to take his artworks outside of Canada, despite the fact that EyJay Inc. is based in Toronto. He intends to host exhibitions in a number of US cities, including Miami, Los Angeles, and New York, as well as fly to Europe to hold comparable events in Paris and London. Most of AJ’s artworks today are showcased and available to purchase on his website at