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Urs Fischer’s Next Might Feature Leonardo DiCaprio: Sources

An upcoming solo show at Gagosian Gallery, Paris currently has just one small title: “Leo”. The show, which will feature works of Urs Fischer, will reportedly focus on none other than actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Urs Fischer is a multi-dimensional artist whose work has been too varied to be put under a single category. A sculptor by profession, Fischer’s works have taken a variety of forms over the years, from printed mirrored cubes to a house made of baguettes. In a pop-up space in Manhattan, he displayed a giant clay sculpture of Katy Perry which could be touched and modified by the audience.

Fischer has also shown a leaning towards sculpting real people in his career. These include artist Julian Schnabel and art dealer Bruno Bischofberger with his wife. All of these have been sculptures on wax candles, and this is probably what the new work would also be. At this point, it is mere speculation if DiCaprio is indeed the “Leo” we are talking about, as neither Gagoasian Museum nor Fischer could be reached for comment. However, it seems likely. Leonardo DiCaprio is not only an award-winning actor but also an environmentalist and a famous art collector. It is worth noting that an earlier show that featured sculptures of collectors Peter Brant and Dasha Zhukova were simply titled “Dasha”. Since the other famous “Leo”, the medieval genius Leonardo Da Vinci, is long dead, we can only assume it is DiCaprio.

Urs Fischer has been on a grind lately. He has already had two solo shows in Gagosian, in their Beverly Hills and London centres. His one-person outing at Brant Foundation Art Study Center, Greenwich recently came to a conclusion. Later this month he is set to feature as a solo artist at the Aïshti Foundation in Lebanon. The Paris show featuring “Leo” will open on October 14, during FIAC annual fair happening in the city.