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Yung Cassius music genius illuminates on ‘Brand New’

Hip-hop music has created generations of millionaires among African Americans. The term "Get It Out The Mud"

Hip-hop music has created generations of millionaires among African Americans. The term “Get It Out The Mud” arose from hip-hop’s conversion of pain, inner struggles, and quirky personalities into inspirational sayings. Thirty years of hip-hop have transformed pop and mainstream culture.  

Hip-Hop reflects supreme black excellence on all levels. Rap culture impacts every business sector worldwide. From Wall Street to American politics, rap music dictates the cultural paradigm shift in society. Young, black, and gifted creative genius broadcast their God-given talent before the world.     

Hip-Hop music provides a sacred bridge between the impossible and supreme being. Music is God’s universal language to the world.   

Music is the soundtrack to people’s daily life cycle and empowers their dreams, thoughts, and passions.   

Entrepreneur/Major Recording Artist Yung Cassius is a bonafide Hip-Hop/R&B icon. Possessing a ‘Magic Johnson’ type smile, unparalleled live performance capacity, and the signature sound of Yung Cassius have created immediate public recognition from the very beginning of his career.    

Yung Cassius’ music portfolio has eclipsed 2,000,000 streams across YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify within 36 months. In his latest commercial masterpiece, ‘Brand New,’ Yung Cassius showcases his musical versatility and ability to masterfully infuse R&B with Hip-Hop. 

Yung Cassius demonstrates a classic Hip-Hop bravado and attitude that defies all odds. The meteoric rise of Yung Cassius provides a ray of hope for struggling artists.  

Music has been a universal language throughout history and has inspired, enraged, empowered, and healed people’s souls. A perfect blueprint for ‘living your best life if you’re built to win’ can be found in ‘Brand New.’ Yung Cassius is a co-owner of J5 Productions and a Global Advocate of RADIOPUSHERS.