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A career retrospective of Pierpaolo Beretta

Pierpaolo Beretta is living a long and fulfilling artistic career. But as he stages his career retrospective, there’s much to look back on in the life of this veteran artist.

Pierpaolo Beretta was born in 1958 in the city of Como in Italy. Unlike most artists, he had no prodigious relationship with art in his early childhood. Indeed, like most schoolchildren, he took the usual subjects and finished his studies. Art has always been present in his life, but as a simple hobby. It was only later in his life that he decided to pursue the arts more seriously

In his long and fruitful career, Beretta has never been a slave to a specific school or artistic style. In his own words “My art is driven by the imagination”. Without these limitations, he had been able to create works of art on many similar themes and styles. But one thing that remains constant in his works is the need to communicate something to his audience, be it love, positivity or vitality. In his mind, the goal of art is people’s spiritual fulfillment.

Beretta’s most significant analysis comes from a critical essay by artist Roberta Filippi. Filippi describes Beretta’s art to be guided by imagination and perception. His works are most uniquely identified by their majestic landscapes – often natural, sometimes abstract. Through these landscapes, Beretta chooses to express a range of emotions.

Beretta’s landscapes of nature are some of his most successful works, and for good reason. The abstract background of these works is fantastic, almost unreal. Against this backdrop, you see natural elements like greenery and plants, accentuated by their sharp colors. The vegetations are the most majestic element of Beretta’s works; strange, but also unique. Through these lush plants, his works carry an aura of positivity and vitality.

But Roberta observes that there are also other stylistic choices that distinguish Beretta. The abstract background and natural objects in the foreground give the feeling of a different but familiar parallel universe. The continuous flowing strokes between different objects create a sense of continuity in the artwork. The knife scratches on the canvas give a slightly three-dimensional effect to the work, making it almost alive.

Pierpaolo Beretta is a modern Renaissance man who doesn’t get stuck in one skill. Besides being a talented painter, he is also an accomplished musician and composer and occasionally uses his own compositions to accompany his artwork.

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