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Adrian Fox Leads International Philanthropy Efforts For The Carribean People

Historically, the average people of the Bahamas and the Caribbean have been very unrepresented on the global level. Reason being that they have few social justice leaders whose positions are big enough on the international level to drive awareness and effect real change.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case as prominent champions such as the Adrian Fox have emerged to weave their stories into the international news narrative.

Fox- a Bahamian entrepreneur and philanthropist-has become a prominent writer and advocate not only of the Bahamian people but also neighboring denizens of St. Vincent and other Carribean isles.

Beyond his own writings, Adrian is the Founder of the Fox Foundation, an NPO that supports the economic relief of hard hit indigenous communities in the Carribean.

​Via the Fox Foundation and his own social advocacy work, Adrian is helping put the Carribean people on the global stage and making their plight a key socioeconomic agenda for mainstream philanthropy groups and social justice organizations.