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Along with Fraenkel Gallery, Photographer Lee Friedlander, is now represented by Luhring Augustine

There have been several cases of artists being represented by one or more institutions at the same time. This is not anything illegal and it has now become a common practice in the art industry as well. While artists and museums like to be exclusively represented, there are times when you want to show your loyalty to the first organization that represented you as well. Similarly, we have now been told that Photographer Lee Friedlander has been added to the roster by Luhring Augustine. However, it does not mean that his representation with the Fraenkel Gallery will end.

Instead, Lee will be co-represented by Fraenkel Gallery as well as Luhring Augustine. Talking about Fraenkel Gallery, the artist has been represented by them since 1979 when they first inaugurated the gallery. They have also worked in partnership for the last 40 years to exhibit photography. Lee Friedlander, who is known for his composed black and white photography, will have his first show in fall of 2020 at the Luhring Augustine.

A partner at the Luhring Augustine told ARTnews that “The gallery is thrilled to have Lee join our program.” “He is truly an American master, and through his exceptionally keen perception has had a strong hand in shaping how this country is viewed by all of us. To have the opportunity to work with him at this high point in his career is a gift. We are also very excited to further our long relationship with our colleagues at Fraenkel Gallery.”

Fraenkel Gallery released a statement saying that “There is still a great deal to learn about Lee’s near six-decade career, and the brilliant artists already represented by Lawrence [Luhring] and Roland [Augustine] provide a new lens through which to understand Friedlander’s continuing achievement.”