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An Exhibition by Artist Guido Rocca: The Social Solution and Contemporary Italian Abstractionism

On December 15, in the center of Milan, in Via della Spiga 22, the gallery of Art and Design “Two Creation” opened the exhibition of Guido Rocca, an artist of great sensitivity, appointed by the authoritative magazine Albatros as one of the leading exponents of art as a social solution and contemporary Italian abstractionism. In fact, for years Rocca has maintained that art is the most effective form of gentle revolution that exists.

Rocca confessed to us that he doesn’t have much to say about this exhibition because he has expressed himself so much on the canvases that any words would alter the spirit of the exhibition. What he can tell us is that in the creation of the works he went from excruciating pain to the most unbridled joy, it was like living in another dimension, a dimension in which the times and the emotional intensity were amplified in an incredible way, Rocca goes on to say: I immersed myself in a journey in which every brushstroke was like stripping off some old and dirty clothes and at the end I found myself naked.

The artist explains that for several years now, he has been painting and writing with the aim and hope of creating positive and beneficial effects in the observer, but he tells us that since he has become more interested in others, his inner evolutionary process has also accelerated. In essence, art has given Rocca his most important lesson in life, which is that although he is unique and different, like all of us, he is also in some way part of others, and that only by helping others can one truly grow inwardly and feel oneself.

Rocca firmly believes in an invisible reality and that the vibrational waves of art, while not visible, can be perceived and penetrate the human soul, lifting it from the worries of life, as Saint-Exupery said in The Little Prince: the essential is invisible to the eye. Looking at the works of the artist you can touch his point of view, his works are the ‘interaction of thousands of brushstrokes, shades and colors that seem to move and sway freely. Rocca’s intention and purpose are so imprinted and fused into each brushstroke that inert matter comes to life in his paintings and vibrates with its own soothing energy.

Rocca’s ability to create balance and harmony with thousands of energetic brushstrokes is certainly unique, and his way of treating oil, keeping it material and in relief, makes his paintings come alive, observing them one has the impression that the colors are dancing and coming out of the canvas. Life, movement and color but with a harmonious balance soothing, this contrast between the energy of his brushstrokes and the relaxing effect that arouse his paintings, makes the works of Rocca unique and wonderful.