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Future Predictions of Cryptocurrencies & NFTS for Newcomers Shared by Expert Travis Bott

Often introduced as the digital currency, Bitcoin has quickly become the primary alternative to traditional money. What sets Bitcoin apart from other currencies is its decentralized network and its lack of being used usually for retail transactions. Bitcoin has a comparable value to gold due to its scarce quantity and its hedge against inflation. With many use cases across the financial services space, the technology behind Bitcoin is blockchain. An early pioneer of crypto and entrepreneur, Travis Bott, discusses the attributes necessary to make a currency successful- longevity, separability, rarity, and resistance to counterfeit are all important factors to allow for crypto to have a safe widespread adoption use case.

Regardless of the form of investment, Travis believes there will always be a chance of risk. Weighing against the possibility of reward versus is risk is what any intelligent investor should do when putting money on the line. Part of building a philosophy around crypto involves having an awareness of the relationship between risk and reward when investing. Find a trustworthy brokerage platform is your best bet for a safer investment, Travis suggests, as they supply strong security and a quick protocol to protect their customers. As an early adopter of crypto, Travis has plenty of wisdom and guidance to those just starting out in the world of digital investments.

While there are plenty of benefits crypto can offer, Travis also warns of staying cautious about who to partner with for crypto projects and which exchange to use. Travis recommends to be weary of malevolent actors as to avoid falling into fraudulent crypto activities as he himself has had to experience this firsthand. Extensive research prior to involving yourself in any project is recommended by Travis. To learn more about Travis Bott, follow his Instagram.