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An Invitation to the Premier Private Club of Southern France

When you think of St. Tropez, glistening waters, extravagant yachts, and a general air of luxury come to mind. It’s the place you go to see and be seen and indulge in the finer things of life.

The St. Tropez Polo Resort  & Country Club takes inspiration from its renowned location, while adding a modern sensibility. The members-only club, which was acquired six years ago by businessman and philanthropist, Alshair Fiyaz, has reached the final stage of development after years of construction, thanks to Club Director, Justin Gaunt. There’s truly never been anything like it in the area. Sitting on an expansive 100 hectares, just 500 yards from the Mediterranean, the club is once again ready to welcome members, and begin hosting an array of events, which naturally includes world-class polo. Given that most St. Tropez visitors come for an opulent escape from reality, often consisting of parties and leisurely beachfront lunches, the club offers something different to the stylish crowd: health and wellness. “Day-to-day is very chill, it’s a very relaxing place—the opposite of typical St. Tropez business and parties,” explains Gaunt. “The club is a place where you go on a daily basis to unwind.” With a top-of-the-line gym, which boasts the newest equipment, best trainers, and even cryotherapy, it’s the perfect attraction for athletes and other guests looking for a reset.

The massive property, equipped to house several polo teams at once for matches and the like, is a favorite among European football players for training and recuperating. One of the club’s main “sells” is the emphasis it places on privacy and discretion, which suits its high-net-worth guests and international celebrities, as well as anyone who wants to avoid the hustle and bustle of daily life, if only for a while. The soon-to-come “apartments,” which will be more like high-end condos, will serve as an ideal getaway or to host one’s yacht guests after a long day of exploring.

As the name would have it, polo is a major part of the club’s culture and a key entertainment factor. In order to cater to the St. Tropez crowd and lifestyle, it sets the games for 6pm rather than the standard afternoon time. Guests can experience the timeless game, which Gaunt says has a “mythical cache” due to its history as a sport for royals and sultans, while enjoying all the finer things in life in the classic private club. So whether you’re coming to train, reset, or to lose yourself in a world-class polo match, St. Tropez Polo Resort & Country Club is the place to be.