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Archaeologists unearth an ancient portrait under a pyramid in China

Archaeologists unearth a supposed ancient portrait of a king in Shaanxi province, China. The mysterious portrait was found carved into the foot of the 4300-year-old Shimao pyramid.

The ancient portrait is among the 70 stone carvings. It is unearthed from under the pyramid in recent years.

Professor Shao Ding, the lead scientist of the Shimao Excavation, has claimed that the stone portrait is among the largest and most detailed sculptures they have unearthed yet.

The sculpture is six feet tall with three faces, each bearing wide mouths and noses. While each face adorns with earrings, the largest face among the trio also boasts a crown atop its head.

The professor clarified to the Chinese news agency Xinhua that an unearthed eastern face appears to be in the center of the group of sculptures. And that this face might as well be the image of the Shimao King.

The Shimao archaeological site at the southern edge of the Ordos Desert in Northwest China spans 1000 acres in area. The site dates back to the end of the Longshan period, in 2000 BC.

Initially, the walls surrounding the site were a part of the Great Wall of China. But recent discoveries proved that the walls of the Shimao site erected during the neolithic age.

However, the 230 feet high-stepped pyramid of Shimao is roughly half the size of the pyramids of Giza. The researchers have unearthed roadways, courtyards, and public squares in the walled city of Shimao, which is 50 times larger than the foot of the pyramid.

The Shimao palace, which is over 800,000 square feet, situated at the foot of the pyramid. The complex structures and systems have also provided a glimpse into the functioning of the ancient civilization.

The DNA studies from the Xinhua reports have suggested that the majority of the inhabitants of the walled city were Chinese. However, the identity of the ruling class still remains a mystery.

The Shimao community died out 3800 years ago.