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Artist Nan Goldin and other P.A.I.N activists arrested due to New York protests

You must have already heard regarding the opioid crisis in the United States. There have been protests regarding the regulation of opioid in the country. Now, it has been known that P.A.I.N Activists including Artist Nan Goldin were staging protests in New York. Their demand was to create opioid overdose protection centres in the city to curb the crisis. However, it has been known that the activists including Artist Nan Goldin have been arrested.

The protests took place in front of the building where New York City Governor Andrew Cuomo’s staff is headquartered. The protestors urged the governor to create opioid overdose protection centres so that people could take drugs at controlled spaces and under expert supervision. Soon after the protests and arrests took place, the Governor’s office released a statement which is as follows:

“Governor Cuomo has led an aggressive, comprehensive response to the opioid epidemic with a focus on prevention, harm reduction, treatment, recovery and enforcement, and we are committed to exploring all options to reduce opioid deaths, We have been in active dialogue with advocates and the City on the proposal while addressing potential law enforcement concerns and the threat of legal challenges. Above all, our top priority is protecting the lives of New Yorkers.” says spokesperson for Cuomo’s office in a statement

Protestors claim that Governor Cuomo has indeed shown support for combatting opioid deaths in the City. However, he has not taken concrete actions to combat these deaths according to them.

Reportedly, the protestors were sitting in front of the Governor’s office for about an hour after which they were arrested. Also, it is said that the protestors were shouting “Cuomo lies, people die!” and they are also photographed with banners which read “Governor while you wait New Yorkers die”