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Famous Fashion Designer known for dressing Michelle Obama, Isabel Toledo, dies at age of 59

There is some tragic news from the fashion industry that we are having to report right now. According to a report, fashion designer Isabel Toledo who dressed the first lady of the US, Michelle Obama, is dead due to an illness. The reason for her death is said to be breast cancer. This information was shared by her husband and collaborator artist Ruben Toledo.

Among the many instances when Michelle Obama, the first lady of the US, wore Isabel’s dresses was during the inaugural parade of President Barack Obama. Her studio, the Toledo Studio, was also awarded the National Design Award for fashion Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York in 2005.

At the time of giving away the award, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum said “The company’s driving goal is to infiltrate their ideas into everyday life, Ms. Toledo’s appreciation of machinery, practicality and comfort, combined with Mr. Toledo’s instinctive approach to art, create playful, incisive and intensely surreal observations on fashion, beauty and life.”

Her husband Ruben said that “Isabel’s first impulse was to dress the museum, Literally. As a reaction not so much to specific artworks, but to the entirety of the space, including DIA’s history, its staff, its curators, and the visitors that pass through it all the time. Isabel approached DIA as a living entity.”

In a joint interview during one of her recent exhibitions, the Toledo couple said that these murals “are such a celebration of the choreography of work, of labour, of people combining their energies to achieve something great,” They added that  “how gender and race have been weaponized within contemporary culture” is depicted by the “Color Code” pieces.