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Artist Nasr on expressing “Less is more” via Art & Illustrations

One line. Just one line. 

That’s all it takes Nasr to bring some of the deepest, most intimate moments to life. 

In the form of digital drawings, the 32-year-old Australian architect-turned-artist has been translating the strongest feelings of daily life for the better part of the last decade, always and only using just one line. And that one line is precisely what makes Nasr stand out in the artistic environment – one that has grown overcrowded and excessively complex – where many are now rediscovering the beauty of simplicity, making “Less is more” a philosophy of life. 

The continuous, even stroke of his illustrations goes to delineate faces that look at each other, bodies that embrace, hands that reach for each other. Nasr’s works perfectly demonstrate how it is true that sometimes less is more. Missing bodies, absent colours, and nullified depth make for sensual images that seem to be suspended in space and time. A talent, that of the Australian artist, that was quickly recognized and appreciated across social media as his Instagram now approaches the milestone of 90k followers. 

But after years of spent on a canvas with all sorts of different backgrounds, that same line has now decided to take its own existence one step further: it escaped from the canvas.

Now “out of the artist’s control” – how Nasr himself likes to put it – it travels around the globe to some of the most stunning and iconic landmarks of the world to recreate in three dimensions what it has been doing for all if its life in 2D on the canvas. And to bring about this revolution – in both the line’s existence and Nasr’s artistic portfolio – the Sydneysider has decided to embrace another revolution, one that has stormed – among others – the field of digital art: NFTs.

The Line of Life, this is the name of the NFT collection – curated by the Web3 experts at – that will see some of the most famous works of the artist come to life in 3D, crossing and intertwining famous monuments and building in an atmosphere that is a mix of passion, love, and nostalgia. That is how we can see a couple indulge in an intimate, affectionate embrace right in front of the Tour Eiffel in Paris or a passionate kiss around the Statue of Liberty in NYC under a full moon, and many more unique masterpieces that see nothing alike in the NFT space, which makes it a revolution not only for the artist’s history of works, but also for all the art that lives on the Blockchain. 

Unique pieces that will become available for presale only to the most affectionate followers of the Iranian-Australian artist – who has been giving out whitelist spots (a.k.a. presale spots, for those who aren’t yet familiar with the Web3 jargon) on his Twitter – through a partnership with KnownOrigin in June 2022.