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ARTISTNAMELEON building momentum with his latest single Longshot in 2021

ARTISTNAMELEON’s career for the past 24 months has included new fans, interviews, FM RADIO rotation, new music, and corporate business ventures. ARTISTNAMELEON created his own lane of sound, swag, and unparalleled lyrical content. ARTISTNAMELEON’s music portfolio has massed 2,000,000+ streams across Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, YouTube, and Amazon Music.     

The music of ARTISTNAMELEON has a unique mass appeal and enables him to reach an international audience. ARTISTNAMELEON’s vulnerability, authenticity, and diverse music production separate his music from the pack.  Music inspires, enrages, heals, and uplifts people’s souls during their darkest hours.   ARTISTNAMELEON understands his musical gift, purpose, and final destination.    

ARTISTNAMELEON’s latest release, LONGSHOT, provides fans with another jewel and certifies his musical genius. ‘LONGSHOT’ provides the perfect balance between chillwave and classic Hip-Hop. ARTISTNAMELEON has a true Hip-Hop bloodline, and his Championship DNA is recognized from Valdosta, Georgia, to Los Angeles, California. ‘LONGSHOT’ melodic tone and ultra-dynamic music production mesh perfectly with his instinctive rap delivery.    

‘LONGSHOT’ popularity is growing gradually via music streaming platforms in 2021. The beauty of ARTISTNAMELON’s music is that it’s never forced, rushed, or compromised based upon current market trends. His music is fueled by passion, calculated instincts, and God-given talent. ARTISTNAMELEON’s supporters have grown with him over the past 24 months, and he hasn’t disappointed anyone.    

ARTISTNAMELEON measures twice and cuts once in regards to his business moves and ventures. 2020 was a year like no other, and the world will never be the same. ARTISTNAMELEON music and brand are built for the marathon and not sprint in 2021.    


Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance for several mainstream publications including RESULTSANDNOHYPE and RADIOPUSHERS