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Trust Me Vodka and the Spirit of Creativity

Most consumers these days prefer to shop from companies that exercise creativity and craftsmanship rather than simply producing a good product. Many spirit brands have very minimal branding and no personality, despite being a fun industry. Trust Me Vodka is an ultra-premium, American-made brand that decided to break that mold.

Trust Me Vodka is a unique brand that features artists on every bottle as a way of showcasing their commitment to the arts. They allow the artists to tell a message through every bottle, and get some recognition that they may not have garnered otherwise.

The creators of Trust Me have a strong affinity for vodka as well as giving others a platform to express their creativity. They saw a unique opportunity to create a top-tier spirits brand while simultaneously showcasing the talented craftsmanship of global artists.

Since 2017, Trust Me has partnered with 15 different artists to display their art on the bottles of vodka. Trust me is constantly looking for the next up-and-coming artist. In 2017, the very first artist to grace their bottles was Jeff Soto, an American contemporary artist known for his distinct color palette and street art.

What makes each bottle of vodka so special is that each bottle is part of a limited series that will become collectible once all of the 20,000 that are manufactured are sold. For vodka drinkers or art enthusiasts, Trust Me provides a beautiful piece of art to display on their bars at home. 

The art shown on the bottles ranges from contemporary, modern, abstract, and more. As true aficionados of the art world, Trust Me is looking to expand from working with traditional artists to fashion, film, music and more.

On to the star of the show: the vodka. For all of the vodka connoisseurs, Trust Me offers two different spirits along with bottled cocktails. The organic vodka is made from wheat, while the gluten-free vodka is made from the finest Idaho potatoes. Trust Me prides themselves on being made from 100% clean ingredients. The gluten-free vodka is smooth and subtly sweet, while the organic vodka is known for its clean and crisp profile without the harsh kick.

Everyone loves a good farm-to-table moment, so why not have the same when it comes to spirits. The farm-to-bottle approach is one that will likely become increasingly popular as consumers aim to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Trust Me has also recently launched a line of premium bottled cocktails. As Americans spent the past year indulging from home more frequently than ever before, Trust Me knew these bottled cocktails would be perfect from the comfort of your own home or if you decide to head to the park on a sunny day. 

Whether you prefer a Bloody Mary or a Sex on the Beach, the bottled cocktail line has something just for you, and it tastes just as though it was crafted by a mixologist in your favorite bar.

Trust Me Vodka is committed to continue their promotion of artists and make the best-for-you vodka possible. To learn more, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.