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Artwork that was banned by Japan’s Aichi Triennale will become the centrepiece of a new museum

You must have heard about the Aichi Triennale that made news all around the world. The reason being that it banned one of the sculptures to be displayed in the Triennale. This sculpture showcased Japan’s history of slaves in the past and the exhibition was all about censored work as well. However, it was ironic to see that the sculpture got censored from a censored exhibition as well.

It is interesting to note, however, that this sculpture has now been acquired by Tatxo Benet. The reason we said this is interesting is because of the use Benet will make of this structure. Apparently, Benet has planned on building a new museum which is all about work that is banned. This museum which will be called as “freedom museum” in Barcelona will have work that is banned by different museums around the world.

Talking about the sculpture acquired by Bennet and the reason why it was banned by Aichi Triennale. The sculpture shows Statue of a Girl of Peace(2011) by the South Korean artists Kim Seo-kyung and Kim Eun-sung for his fast-growing collection. The sculpture depicts a “comfort woman” which is one of many thousands of women sold into sexual slavery by the Japanese military during World War II. As the issue is a controversial one, Aichi Triennale decided to ban the sculpture after protests.

However, Bennet’s views regarding the ban of this sculpture are contrasting. He says that the sculpture “is a double contradiction because not only an artistic work is censored, but an exhibition against censorship is closed,” and adds that he contacted to buy the work as soon as he came to know about the controversy. He told Reuters that he now has enough material to build permanent exhibition “and perhaps even a documentation and archive center about censorship in the art world.”