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Barbara Hunt McLachlan, former director of Artists Space and Judd Foundation, dies at 55

The head of important art institutions in New York named Barbara Hunt McLachlan has died at the age of 55 years. It is known that her death was caused due to cancer-related causes. This was revealed by the Children’s Museum of Art where she was an executive director once upon a time.

The reactions on the death of Barbara Hunt have kept coming in since the announcement. William Floyd who is the president of CMA’s board said that “Barbara was a remarkable leader, truly a force of nature: dynamic, brilliant, passionate and above all deeply devoted to her family, of which she considered CMA to be a part—and we, her. She has left an indelible mark that can be seen in every aspect of the museum.”

Her career has been a very well decorated one in which she had achieved lots of tremendous things. She worked as the executive director of Artists Space from 2000 to 2006 for six years and later at the Judd Foundation from 2006 to 2013 for next seven years. She was also overseeing the Visual AIDS which is an organization dedicated to supporting HIV-positive artists based in New York. Also, she has worked at Camerawork Gallery + Darkroom in London.

On the reports of Barbara’s death, Visual AIDS has also released a statement saying that “Barbara was a force of nature, an incredible spirit, and an important friend and mentor to many in our community,” and the organization also added that “During her years as executive director of Visual AIDS, she stewarded the legacy of the organization while propelling it into the future. She holds an important place in Visual AIDS’s history and in our hearts, and will be greatly missed.”

Under Barbara’s tenure, the Children’s Museum of the Arts celebrated its 30th anniversary and also moved to a new space in City’s SoHo neighborhood.