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Bernadette Schaeffler’s Collection: If your house caught on fire, what would you take?

People do get attached to things. For some, such an attachment may be materialistic; for others—sentimental. No matter the cause, some things are more prone to evoke attachment than others. In the 1981 book by Eugene Rochberg-Halton The Meaning of Things, the author wrote that man is not only homo sapiens, he is also homo faber, the maker and user of objects, his self to “a large extent a reflection of things with which he interacts, reminders of places close to heart but far from hand.” In a nutshell, things we surround ourselves with tell a lot about us and reflect upon us. So, be careful what you surround yourself with. Finding the right things for your home is easier with Bernadette Schaeffler’s Collection as all products on offer are from ‘places close to heart’ and hand-picked by Bernadette—a German-born company founder and owner—on her journeys to Europe.

The idea behind the brand that inspired Bernadette was to appoint homes with elegant, premium-quality, often handmade artisanal products from European craftsmen. Bernadette positions her brand as luxury seeing luxury more in exclusivity rather than exorbitant prices. As handcrafted pieces are unique and have a deep connection with their creative producers who often work alone or in small groups with little overhead, the prices of such one-of-a-kind goods have little to do with the costs and instead reflect the emotional value that their creators attach to them. As a result, the prices of items in Branadette Schaffler’s Collection reflect their emotional and artistic value.

Though Bernadette Schaeffler’s Collection is based in Dallas, where the company used to have a flagship store for five years, the business has switched to online in the last two years. When navigating their website, you cannot get rid of the impression of being teleported to small artisanal workshops and studios on narrow cobblestone streets and alleys of European towns. The exclusive virtual shopping tour unveils one-of-a-kind home decor goods, home wear, clothing and handbags, original gift ideas, fashion jewelry, German linens, and Czech crystal, and many unique tchotchkes that have an irresistible appeal. Bernadette’s concept of exclusivity built upon tradition, craftsmanship, and uniqueness appeals to the select group of the brand’s patrons who treasure the opportunity to use and admire their exclusive belongings in the comfort of their tastefully appointed homes.

There is a test that helps define what objects matter in somebody’s life: what would someone save from a burning home? Bernadette Schaeffler’s are just the things you would like to survive a fire. To learn more about the brand, visit their website and Instagram.