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Big Head Bandz drops jewels of knowledge on ‘We Built Different’

Below are lyrics from the track ‘We Built Different’ 

Intro: Yea 1 2 1 2 yea man we built different yea  

Verse 1: my grind so powerful 

But I don’t never get to comfortable  

You can get caught slipping thinking it’s all good 

Nigga the same code applies to all hoods 

Loyalty is key Nigga you know the rules 

If u wanna fix a problem money is the tool 

Niggaz out here snitching becuz of jealousy 

They’ll talk to avoid from getting a felony 

The dope game ain’t the same now it’s fulla snakes 

It’s the same as a bag of Reggie that’s fulla Shake  

Look around u it’s eyes staring at ya plate 

Truth is what you think is love is really hate 

Yo competition listening along with the feds 

You’d be surprised to know the niggaz that want your head 

You’d be surprised to know the hoes that want you dead 

I’m trying to tell u move in silence, stash ya bread  

Hook: I’m on my King James we built different im on my King James we built different yea we built different we built different we built different  yea bandz gang gang gang we built different gang gang   

Verse 2: real Nigga stay his own boss 

And most niggaz ain’t cut from the same cloth 

The grind never ends AINT no days off 

I’m trying to tell u Nigga hard work pays off 

EVERYTIME I took a L I learned a new lesson 

That’s when I realized that my L’s was a blessing 

Instead of smoking weed, playing x-box stressing 

I vowed to make getting money as my new profession 

Chasing pussy wasn’t in my interest 

Wifey is the only one I need to impress 

I put the crown on and made her my Empress 

These haters mad cuz they can’t stand to see me blessed 

Gangsta and CEO 

Diamonds on my wrist ricochets indigo 

It’s do or die in these streets and I was built for it 

You’ll never hear a nigga say I can’t afford it 

Big Head Bandz is a natural-born leader and God instilled a distinct purpose inside his heart. Big Head Bandz’s plight in life has not been for the light-hearted and required unconventional tactical navigation. In pursuit of one’s dreams, unforeseen circumstances challenge and detour most people’s final destination. Working 18 hours per day, guiding his children’s lives, being the perfect husband,’ and living the life of Big Head Bandz takes ‘Jordan’ type DNA.    

Jason’ Big Head Bandz’ Johnson is ‘built different’ than most Independent artists chasing Hip-Hop’s next level.  His music contains a special recipe of ingredients: Midwest soul seasoning, big boy rap pepper, signature speed delivery, and classic ‘Bandz’ sauce.    

Big Head Bandz has amassed 1,000,000 million digital streams in the past 24 months and has created a growing fanbase. His latest commercial release, ‘We Built Different,’ is another drop-top epic God-flow Hip-Hop record. His lyrics provide clarity and empower people to strive for greatness amid uncertainty. Big Head Bandz’s music illuminates why he’s ‘built differently.’  Big Head Bandz is CEO if Got Bandz Entertainment and Global Advocate for RADIOPUSHERS.  

Jonathan P-Wright is a freelance writer for multiple mainstream media outlets and Chief Visionary Officer of RADIOPUSHERS and RESULTSANDNOHYPE Magazine.