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Contemporary Artist Zevi G. and the Coveted Creative Process

Today, contemporary art can be conceptualized through countless vehicles. Open for interpretation and freedom of expression, the genre of contemporary art continues to steer the narrative of today’s society, capturing the essence of authentic culture through the medium of art. One rising contemporary artist from New Jersey has slowly been gaining more and more recognition from the global art community and collectors with exhibitions at Art Basel Miami and more for the last five years. Known for his larger-than-life sculptures that are shrouded with cultural references and symbolic themes, artist Zevi G. is the embodiment of contemporary art.

Having created over 100 pieces, all of his work is part of an imaginary world called 456 Land that promotes themes of love, creativity and hope. And though his work is nothing short of captivating with his bold use of color and pieces of incredible size, for Zevi, one of the most significant parts of his creative process is learning about the materials which he works with and understanding how to use them. With each piece, the artist dives into the R&D process of determining what the sculpture will be constructed from. And over the years, he’s explored countless materials and methods to bring his work to life. From understanding how the materials break down to learning the progression of how they are made, Zevi values every journey that each of his characters takes him on. Whether working with bronze, fiberglass, or aluminum, the contemporary artist has taken the time to learn how to construct his art from these materials. For instance, in using bronze, Zevi has found it especially conducive for sculptures that will be displayed outside and are exposed to the elements and harsh weather as bronze does not expand or contract.

“There is a lot of trial and error to find the perfect material for my work,” Zevi G. says. “I have experimented with many materials. My latest sculptures are fiberglass, bronze and aluminum.”

Though the intricacies of the technical process of his work might not be evident from the technical side of his art might not be apparent on the surface, this process is what truly fascinates him as an artist. And while his work continues to gain notoriety, Zevi relishes the time he spends throughout the creative process with each piece. Through each piece, the contemporary artist looks forward to connecting people, artists, art enthusiasts and more, by contributing to the narrative of today’s generation.

“My concept has always been to connect to more and more people. I make art to create a connection, to relay a message of love, strength, kindness and unity,” he says. “I believe the art we are seeing today is speaking to our generation.

To learn more about Zevi G., visit his website or find him on Instagram.