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Bridge Fair in the Hampton goes into its ‘Day Party’ custom with a new format

We have seen that the art industry can be as conventional and unconventional as possible. There have been instances where people have been protesting against the board members in the museums and fairs. However, we have also seen that art fairs are also held in many different locations. Gone are the days when art fairs were only held in brick-and-mortar stores only. Nowadays, we have seen many examples such as Future Fair which will offer exhibitors a cut of its profits after it launches in New York next year.

Apart from that, there is a new startup named Object & Thing which is a Brooklyn-based event which eschews scores of booths for a single exhibition. The Bridge fair which is based out of Hampton has been inviting various dealers. The Bridge Fair lets a “handful of dealers show to the eponymous Hamptons golf club in shipping containers” each September. However, the Bridge Fair has announced that they are changing to a new concept. Instead of a handful of dealer presentations, they are now something called “curated collections” as the organizers call it.

There will be 10 curated pavilions in total and they will contain works from artists such as Frank Auerbach, Robert Rauschenberg, Keith Haring, Paul Sietsema, and Susan Te Kahurangi King. “We encourage people to come out and enjoy the site, We always saw it as a sort of end-of-summer celebration of this really incredible, special place, and way a to connect with all of our friends and clients at this time when everyone’s both excited and saying goodbye to summer,” says Max Levai who is president of Marlborough Gallery and a co-founder of the fair.