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Warhol ‘Moonwalk’ print sees a brother suing his own brother

A sale of the Andy Warhol Moonwalk screenprint has brought a brother against his own brother who has now sued him in the court. Keith Donaldson is known to have filed a lawsuit on Wednesday in which he claims that his brother, Robert, made an ‘unauthorized’ sale of his Warhol. This lawsuit was filed in Hennepin County District Court in Minnesota.

It has been revealed that the two brothers had acquired the Warhol work back in 1999 which was then published in an edition of the 160. Robert is known to have held both these works in his possession. However, Keith wanted to get what he believed was his half in return but he came to know in 2018 that Robert had already sold both those works for $200,000. After a commission, it is revealed that Robert made $180,000 out of those works.

Moonwalk is a work in which there are merged stills featuring Buzz Aldrin and the American flag. This is when Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon and made a spacewalk which had become famous. This work was executed by Warhol in 1987 which is just a few months prior to his death, coincidentally. It is also known that these were the only prints Warhol completed for the TV which is his planned portfolio of monumental moments in American history. A set that was estimated at $250,000 to $350,000 sold for $312,500 at Sotheby’s in April, 2019.

Keith, in his lawsuit, claims that “Robert intentionally and improperly converted to his own use Keith’s art by selling it and intentionally and improperly converted to Robert’s own use of the proceeds of the sale of Keith’s art,”. He also demands a fair sum of at least $140,000 or the return of one of the prints. He claims that this is a fair market value for one half of the work, the lawsuit filing shows.