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Celebrity Hairstylist Sandi-Kaye Henry Shares Simple Tips On How To Keep Hair Locs Healthy

  • Celebrity hairstylist Sandi-Kaye Henry has shared her simple tips for keeping loc’s healthy, misconceptions and tips to make your hair loc journey smoother
  • She is the founder of The Shyphenk Salon, one of Maryland’s leading hair salons
  • Sandi-Kaye Henry says it is important to allow locs to be and to not confuse inspirational images with expectations

A hairstylist to the stars has shared an affordable five-step routine she uses to keep her hair locs in healthy condition.  

Sandi-Kaye Henry Suggests Keeping Hair Down As Much As Possible

Sandi-Kaye Henry, founder of Maryland’s leading salon The Shyphenk Salon, says women have several misconceptions regarding locs. These include: locs can’t be washed (they are dirty), they aren’t versatile (not professional), they seem to grow faster and the myth that you have to cut off all your hair if you get tired of your locs. 

I would love the readers to understand that locs is still hair. To have healthy hair comes from having a good balance diet, regiment and overall healthy lifestyle. So many times, people start the loc journey without doing adequate research. Due to lack of research, many have given up on the journey or started over. 

Sandi-Kaye Henry With Her Hair In An Updo


Sandi-Kaye offers Art Insider several tips to help combat the struggle many women today face with their hair locs:  

  • Invest in a shampoo which specifically combats itchy/flaky scalp. Sandi-Kaye recommends using Nizarol which retails for $14.89
  • Minimize lint build up. Sandi-Kaye suggests Design Essentials Moisture Retention which retails for $12 and switching to a micro fiber towel to dry the hair
  • Avoid any Wax base products as they can suffocate the scalp and attract a lot of unwanted debris.
  • Ensure the hair is moisturized. Sandi-Kaye recommends using light oils such as grape seed oil or doing an occasional hot oil treatment 
  • Avoid tight ponytails as baby hairs cannot handle the tension. Let your hair down as much as possible. 
  • Make sure you have a good loctician , even if you do your own locs.


Sandi-Kaye Henry Shampooing Her Locs


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