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Singer-Songwriter Rene Bonét speaks on living abroad in Sydney Australia

We know the Singer-Songwriter for her sultry vocals or her aggressively hitting vocals that come through her alter-ego Bully Barbé and you can’t help but think where all that inspiration and personality comes from. The DMV native often credits her creative duality to her being born in the month of May and being a Gemini, however catching up with her we can now see it’s a little bit more than that. Rene actually shared with us that she had the opportunity to live overseas for some time in Sydney, Australia. There she said she was able to walk Bondi beach and soak in the culture of the locals. She mentions the culture being so much different. “People just have a different demeanor overseas”. We asked Rene what she meant by that and she said, “People just know how to interact with everyone, no matter their race or where they come from everyone treats each other with respect, and it’s not always like that in the states’ .

She also spoke on how much inspiration she gained from being in another country. “With the music scene being so different you can’t help but pull from it and place whatever you get from it into whatever you’re doing creatively, and the inspiration will be different for everyone”. Sydney, Australia being known as one of the highly populated areas for tourism, brings a lot of diversity and we understand why Rene remains so inspired by her time there. “When I lived in Australia, I met people from South Africa, The United Kingdom, China, Japan, and they all brought their culture, and I looked at my time there as a blessing”. She expresses her thoughts on leaving Australia and if she would ever live there again in the closing of our interview. “I decided to move back to the states simply because the music scene was not big enough there for me to be as successful as I wanted to be. Though I loved the people there, and I loved the country, the states had more for me creatively and so decided to move back, I still miss all the friends that I made there and we still keep in contact, but as far as moving back there, maybe in the distant future but no time soon, however I will definitely go back to visit, hopefully it will be one of the countries I hit when I go on tour”.

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