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Create A Humanitarian Impact By Donating To ‘Stand With Ukraine Against War’ Foundation 

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia on the night of 22 February sent shockwaves across the globe. Ukraine declared an emergency, imposed martial law, and went all-out to defend its territory against the invaders. 

As you read this, Ukrainian soldiers are fighting to protect their land, Ukrainian civilians are being bombarded, killed, and millions of Ukrainians have fled the country to neighboring territories.

Ukrainians are at the center of Europe’s worst humanitarian crisis of the century and we have a moral responsibility to help them in a dire time like this. Many fundraisers have come up since 22 February to collect funds for the victims of war and ensure they have the basic necessities of life, humanitarian support, and essential supplies available.

Currently, Poland is witnessing the highest inflow of Ukrainian refugees and to help these victims fleeing their war-torn nation, the Stand With Ukraine Against War Foundation is actively involved in raising funds and allocating them to ensure these refugees have all the essentials in a new territory.

Started by Julia Kedziora, the crowdfunding campaign aims to raise £5,000. The proceeds will be transferred to the official Polish government bank account and the funds will be used to procure food items with long shelf life, hygiene products for children and adults, pain-killers, essential medicines, disinfectants, diapers, creams, juices, clothes, and more for the Ukrainian refugees.

The board of trustees of the Stand With Ukraine Against War Foundation comprises industry leaders who have joined hands together to make an impact in the time of need.

The crowdfunding campaign organizers are in direct contact with Izabela Szostak-Smith, Deputy Mayor in Warsaw, who is coordinating the humanitarian assistance and supplies to the war victims coming into the country. Yuliya Andriyash, a Ukraine-born Managing Editor of boutique accounting firm AVEY of London is also actively supporting the campaign to help her home country. Izabela Swierczynska-Baker also sits on the board of trustees of the foundation. She is a PR specialist working for Sephora Poland.

Being global citizens of the world, the conscience of each and every one of us should be ignited after seeing the crisis unfold in Ukraine. Be it £10 or £100, every donation towards this cause counts.

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