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Daena Lorne and Women In Digital Art

Art manifests itself in many forms. From an oil painting to a stone sculpture, everything could behold the wonder of art. In the new digital age, a new canvas has presented itself – Digital Design. But beneath the machines and technology, the flair for art still remains the same. For London-based 3D artist Daena Lorne, digital design is just another way for an artist to express herself. Let’s take a better look at Lorne and her journey in the world of VFX and 3D design.

The Travelling Artist

A lot of artists ultimately fall victim to their own limited worldview. Their art only expresses what *they* know, not the amazing things the wider world has to offer. But Daena Lorne realized that there is too much beauty in this world, and she decided to learn from all of it. Often, Lorne would take a one-way ticket to a new city and explore its fascinating intricacies. Lyon, one of her recent projects, is a reflection of the color palette she took from the pastel stone walls of a city she visited after a long lockdown. In her own words:

“I feel wonder when I reach a new destination, I feel there is something very primal about being able to travel, we are a species that have managed to reach every corner of the world – I didn’t quite realize how much we need the freedom to move and interact with new and wonderful people until it is taken away.”

A Life Of Design

 Digital design is perhaps not the first field people with artistic bend might choose. Lorne, who is trained in fine art photography, just found herself working with creative agencies and teams. But besides creativity, Lorne also wanted to have the freedom to create what she wanted. This is what led her into the world of 3D design, and ultimately into VFX. Her artistic flair certainly helped her to stand out from the crowd.

The curiosity Lorne holds for the world is often reflected in her works as well. Her designs, especially the 3D ones, echo a sense of mystery and discovery. Daena Lorne has a unique ability to combine the technical complexities of 3D design with the creative imagination needed for her trade – thus creating truly magnificent works.

Over the years, Daena Lorne has worked with a vast clientele. She has worked from small AR to large-scale VFX projects, from advertisements to movies and TV shows. Some of her top clients include GMC, Sky, VFX TV, Burberry, Game Studios, Film and Stage Studios,  and Swatch. Lorne is currently working at Territory Studios, which works with major productions for film and TV show projects like Brave New World and Eurovision Fire Saga.

For the Future Talents

As exciting as the field of digital art and design might seem, it is not without fierce competition. As a veteran of the trade, Daena Lorne has two valuable pieces of advice for the upcoming talents. The first is to be bold and forthcoming. Staying inside a bubble does not build careers. You must be willing to seek the right people and show them how motivated and committed you are. The second advice is to be true to yourself. It is very easy for young artists to look up to established ones and, instead of getting inspired, simply copy their styles. This is particularly true in the case of those getting influenced by Instagram artists. But the peril of copying others is becoming generic and getting lost in the crowd. To truly stand out, young people need to remain true to themselves and find their own style and flavor of art. 

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