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Dealer Sukanya Rajaratnam Departs From Mnuchin Gallery After 15 Years

After a long career at the Mnuchin Gallery – which included a focus on emerging artists – art dealer Sukanya Rajaratnam is stepping down.

Joining the gallery in 2008, Rajaratnam’s 15-year stint at the Mnuchin Gallery in New York will end on January 31. During this period, Sukanya Rajaratnam was well-known for giving a platform to rising talents who have since gone on to make successful careers for themselves. These included names like Sam Gillian, Alma Thomas, and Ed Clark. Another prominent name was David Hammons, who got his first show at Mnuchin in 2007. However, his 2016 exhibition, organized by Rajaratnam, was vital in bringing the artist to global recognition.

Mnuchin Gallery

Talking about her departure, Sukanya Rajaratnam said: “I feel incredibly privileged that I’ve allowed my core belief in equity and opportunity to dovetail into the work that I’ve been able to do on such a prestigious platform, thereby enabling it to be seen, validated, and celebrated. Fifteen years is a nice round number. I felt it was important to start writing the next chapter of my life, and to do it on my own terms.”

Regarding Sukanya’s role at the gallery, Robert Mnuchin (Founder) said: “Sukanya has been an important contributor to the gallery over the years, an effective voice in exposing the gallery to new artists and a great partner to Mike and myself. We wish her much success in her future endeavors.”

Sukanya Rajaratnam was born and raised in Sri Lanka. She joined the gallery (then known as L&M Gallery) in 2008. The gallery was founded in 1992 by Robert Mnuchin and James Corcoran as C&M Arts. In 2005, it underwent a restructuring when Dominique Lévy joined as a partner, and the gallery was renamed L&M Arts. In 2013, after Lévy departed, the gallery was once again renamed as Mnuchin Gallery under Robert Mnuchin. The same year, Rajaratnam was promoted to a partner in the gallery.