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Edward Henry appointed as the board chair of United States Artists

It looks like this is the best time for appointments of new board chairs, presidents as well as people in a leadership position. We have been reporting about newly appointed people in leadership positions all week and we have one more release about the same. This time, the news is regarding United States Artists which is a substantial provider of direct funding to artists in the country.

United States Artists has decided to appoint a new board chair. This new board chair for the institution will be Edward P. Henry. Edward is known to be the CEO and president of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. Reportedly, an endowment of $1.81 billion has been dedicated by the foundation for arts, environmental, and medical causes. While we know that Henry has been on USA’s board since 2014, he will now become the board chair. Steve Oliver who is currently the USA board chair will remain a trustee at the institution.

“Our goal is to solidify and grow financial resources so we can continue to provide unrestricted support. Since Deana’s been there, we’ve raised a lot of money and that’s solidified the organization. All of our efforts are going to be put into raising money that can go directly to artists.” Henry said on his appointment. He also added that “It’s so easy to ignore the needs of the individual artist when you’re talking about supporting the arts, and also revealed that “My focus in this role is to make the individual artist stronger.”

“Ed’s accomplishments, along with his longstanding commitment and enthusiasm for supporting artists, makes him an ideal leader and advocate for USA.” said CEO Deana Haggag in a press release. Ed’s appointment as board chair is done after USA’s completion of a $20 million endowment campaign under the leadership of its CEO Haggag.