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Entrepreneur Courtney Jordan has set the art world ablaze!

The newest member of the billionaire club, entrepreneur Courtney Jordan has, through his Neyius Company, been making significant purchases of art throughout the world. According to EVP for business affairs, Mandee Woodard, the billionaire’s buying spree is a directed and coordinated effort to expand the Jordan Family Art Collection, slated to go on a gallery tour in the summer of 2022. 

The billionaire’s most recent and notable art acquisition was a sketchbook by Roy Lichtenstein for 3 million dollars. 

Jordan is not just about buying but also encouraging the new wave of artists; the Courtney Jordan Foundation will be issuing artist grants, said Mackenzie Robinson, the head of Philanthropy and Corporate Citizenship for Neyius. With everything we do, we offer opportunities for all to embrace and realize their dreams, whether right or left brain. According to Mac, the pulse that beats through the Neyius brand is Courtney Jordan, and Jordan is a giving nature. 

Andrew Murray, the newly appointed curator of the Jordan Family Art Collection, saying that art through the eyes of virgin eyes unlocks the depths of a soul and opens the doors to that within [sic] Murray said that his goal for the collection is not just to generate money from the tour but also to allow those without access to the galleries a glimpse at the beauty crafted by the hands of man. This is why the Genz Millennial cospe added pieces of the collection to Instagram. 

The Current Collection, which features notable names such as Picasso and Rembrandt, also cherishes its collection of famed black artists such as Ernie Barns and William Johnson.

Other collectibles on tour are letters written by Napoleon to Josphine and plates used by Nicolas the great. 

Tour dates and places will be shared on social media spring of 22 and updates posted on