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Sanotint Expresses the Importance of using Natural Ingredients when Caring for Your Hair

Prioritizing naturally based products when dealing with what you are consuming or what you are absorbing can be vital to maintain both your internal and external health in the long run. This is because each processed and manufactured ingredient you put in, and on your body, can lead to negative reactions to those chemicals, especially when it builds up over time. In turn, it can interrupt the natural processes that our bodies go through and increase the rate of our aging. A realm of beauty that is not excluded from these considerations is that of hair care. When you dye your hair or go through your regular routine, the products you use can affect not only the quality and health of your hair, but also the health of your skin and body, as the scalp absorbs the ingredients.

A brand that is well-aware of the importance of using products that are naturally based to maintain the health and vitality of your hair is Sanotint. Sanotint has been working with herbal elements since 1975 to create hair tints and products that work with and for one’s hair. They do this by including ingredients that support the hair and scalp at the same time, while effectively giving the desired color effect. For instance, they differentiate themselves from their competitors by having all their hair dyes contain a golden millet base ingredient, which has “numerous minerals and vitamins that help provide support to damaged hair, helping to prevent it from falling out.”

They provide further support through the variation in their hair tint lines that can be specific, yet applicable to all hair types. For example, their main hair tint lines are Classic, Reflex, and Sensitive. The Sensitive line is meant to suit those with the most sensitive of scalps by excluding ingredients like P-phenylenediamine. However, all their ingredients exclude the most damaging ingredients that other brands may utilize in their products, like ammonia and resorcinol. Avoiding these chemicals can make all the difference in how your hair handles and grows with a new color. Moreover, when considering the industry, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cannot fully check and filter each ingredient that is used in hair dyes that are released to sell. Therefore, trust in the brand you are using only gets easier when their mission is to provide you with the healthiest option, instead of the most profitable one.

The mentality of Sanotint towards their hair dyes is applicable to all their products, including shampoos, conditioners, oils, masques, and fixing gels. To further explore these products and what else they have to offer, visit their website.