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EXCLUSIVE: An Interview With Alexa Kastellanos

Alexa Kastellanos is a Canadian Influencer, Model & accomplished Ballerina. Her career as a ballerina started young when she was scouted at 11 years old. Since then, she has toured with some of the world’s most prestigious ballet schools and accumulated over 100,000 followers on Instagram in the process. To add to this success, she has also walked in Toronto Fashion Week as a Model and appeared in several music videos for some of Bollywood’s biggest stars. Today we had the pleasure of going behind the brand and getting to know more about Alexa


What have you learnt as a Ballerina and Influencer over the years? What advice would you give to your younger self?   

I have learned quite a lot. If I had to give my younger self advice it would be to trust the process and the timing of it all. All the highs and lows, the rejection, the failures, and the wins. Only when you’ve reached your lowest point, faced rejection and have failed, will you be able to either rise above it and work harder to make your dreams a reality, or give up. The choice is yours.  


You were scouted by the National Ballet School at the age of 11. What have you learnt over the years as a professional ballet dancer & what advice would you give to an aspiring ballerina?  

If anyone wants to pursue ballet as a career, I would tell them that it isn’t easy and having the body and the talent will only take you so far. There are so many talented dancers who never make it. You have to have extreme work ethic, and not lose your passion for the art form. Ballet is much more than a physical art form, it’s mental, and emotional. Working as a professional ballet dancer I learned the importance of discipline, and hard work. If you lose your passion for the art, it will come across in your practice and performance. The most beautiful dancers embody everything that comes with the career. It’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears. I would say your passion and will to work harder than anyone in and out of the studio will separate you from the rest.  


You have a substantial following of over 100,000 Instagram followers. Was there a turning point where your followers started to grow exponentially or was it gradual?    

My following on Instagram has grown gradually over the past few years. My ballet photos started getting recognition from big ballet accounts, and we’re getting reposted and shared. Once I started doing music videos my following grew even more, as I’ve been featured in multiple music videos with millions of views. 

Alexa Kastellanos In A Recent Photoshoot


Living in New York and Toronto, you have modelled for several brands over the years and walked in Toronto Fashion Week. How did you get into modeling?  

I was dancing full time in New York, and got recognized by a swim wear brand called Ujena. I walked my first runway show for them, and from there was casted for several other shows and started modeling for multiple clothing brands.  


What has been your most memorable modeling job to date and why?  

I would say my most memorable modeling jobs so far have been walking in Toronto Fashion Week for the designer Anisha Kumar, and working with multiple famous Punjabi and Bollywood singers. I’ve met so many talented people, and have done videos and shoots I never thought would be possible.  


What apps do you use to edit your photos?   

I don’t like to edit my photos too much, as I feel there’s a thin line between looking too air brushed and perfect vs having a well touched image that still looks like you. If I do use an app, I use VSCO. 

Alexa Holding A Ballet Pose



What Social Media Platforms are you currently on? 

I’m currently on Instagram @alexakastellanos . My website is : 


How do you think Instagram has impacted the Fashion Modeling industry?   

I do feel that social media has impacted the fashion modelling industry in both positive and negative ways. For example, high fashion models who have large followings may get casted and replace other models who have less of a following. Networking has become a huge way to book work as well. Through social media, and messaging certain brands, and directors etc  it’s easier to get in touch with people virtually. On another note, models can use their social media platforms to voice their concerns about the industry. If you are hesitant about working with a certain individual or brand, you can find online who’s worked with the brand and ask how their experience was. Your presence both online and off is important and the better your reputation and character is, the more work you will get. 


What is your current skincare routine?  

I have sensitive skin so I have to be careful with certain products. I use vaseline to take off my eye makeup, and use Cetaphil for face wash.  


Thank you Alexa for the Interview!