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Frankfurt’s MMK Modern Art Museum was involved in a minor fire incident according to reports

There was a fire incident reported at the Frankfurt Museum für Moderne Kunst in Germany according to a German publication. It is also being reported that the firefighters were working the entire day to extinguish the fire. However, the good news is that the museum was reportedly closed for renovation works and there have been no reports of injuries or damages. Having said that, it is also likely the fire was caused due to renovation works.

According to the museum, the fire was caused by a technical defect in a diesel emergency power generator and the possibility of human error or arson have been ruled out. Also, the museum representative said that “We are glad and very grateful that nobody has been harmed by the fire on the roof of the MMK. The exact extent of the damage is currently being examined by the responsible experts.”

Also, the fire department said that the flames were limited to the premises of the museum only and no neighbouring localities were affected by this fire. The fire department also gave an official statement on this incident saying that “Due to the rapid intervention, the fire spread could be limited to this superstructure of the roof. The copper roof had to be laboriously opened in the area of ​​the superstructure in order to be able to extinguish all burns and embers.”

However, this incident was picked up by social media users when a picture of firefighters carrying three On Kawara date paintings from the museum’s collection made rounds. This was hours after the fire broke out. Since it was not possible to confirm the authenticity of this image, the museum officials were quizzed about the image.

But the officials say they were also not able to verify the image. It is reported that “nobody was harmed.” in this fire incident and the fire has now been extinguished.