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Report suggests Women Artists’ works are outperforming than Men’s

We have seen that there is dominance by Men in almost all of the industries out there. This is because of the lower participation by Women as well as other reasons. However, we have some great news related to Women in the Art Industry. According to a new report, the Women artists’ works have started to outmatch the works from Men in auctions. The report mentions that women artists’ works sell better on average as compared to male artists.

However, it is worth mentioning that we are talking about percentages here and not numbers. The reason being that male artists are almost thrice as much in the industry compared to their female counterparts. Therefore, percentages reflect a better picture while the numbers will be obviously way more for Men.

Sotheby’s Mei Moses Indices has reported that in the past six years, works by women artists have gained almost 73% in prices while it is just 8.3% when it comes to Men. This definitely suggests that works from women artists are gaining way more as compared to Men.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Male artists’ works are auctioned for a much higher price generally and they make more money as well. But if we talk about raw percentages then Women artists gain much more for their works. While many artists and historians have suggested that Women artists’ work is undervalued, it looks like they are finally getting their works duly rewarded.

Micheal Klein who is running Mei Moses for Sotheby says that “a lot of it is tied to people understanding what makes the work great.” and he added that “The value of art is changing. The value of female art is changing even more.” but it is still known that works from male artists are still dominating the industry in a big way. According to a report, 90 per cent of the total market every year is represented by Men.