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From Commodity Trader to Media Tycoon, How Luiz Costa Macambira Transformed Forbes Monaco

Life is indeed about the journey and what you make of it, however people often forget that they are in fact the ones in charge of, and responsible for, where that life will lead. We are the writers of our story, and it is never too late to start a new chapter. The stark reality checks and resulting self-reflection of this past year undoubtedly reinforced this notion, reminding people that they can in fact shift course—whether that be in a relationship, living situation, or career. While we hear ideas of great change, so often the dream dies in conversation. However, a brave few do the unpredictable; they uproot their life to new places, switch careers, and act as inspiring models of what can be achieved beyond cliché quotes and empty promises. A prime example of someone who is not afraid of such change is Luiz F Costa Macambira, who went from studying law to become a diplomat in his native Brazil, to starting a flourishing business in the U.S., and finally, pivoting to leave it all behind and form Forbes Monaco in the picturesque principality.

Luiz found early success when he started a commodity trading firm in Miami. Seeing an opportunity in the emerging Russia market in the 1990s he quickly jumped in head first, soon becoming the main coffee trader in the region. Having partnered with one of the world’s biggest green coffee exporters, Luiz was credited with having nearly cornered the coffee market in Russia during that period. In spite of the business doing exceptionally well, he felt it was time for another shake up, a sort of early retirement—or so he thought. “Ranking as one of the top countries for standard of living and life expectancy, which are for me qualities that outrank materialism and wealth, Monaco was an easily made decision,” explains Luiz.

In 2017, along with two partners, he founded a small media company in his new homebase of Monaco. As with his prior venture, the business grew remarkably fast. Having no prior media or journalistic experience, Luiz managed to bring the same energy and drive that got him to the top in trading, into the media world. In record time—less than thirty days—he pulled together the inaugural first issue of Forbes Monaco. Since then, the magazine has found popularity for analyzing and reporting on the keys to Monaco’s success—real estate, finance, international trade, tourism, and the arts. Today, the publication is highly regarded for its journalism, sponsored events, and is considered the go-to for keeping up with the latest local and international news and trends, all under Luiz’s leadership. What began as an impromptu move has evolved into an example of the power of hard work coupled with a calculated risk—and of course, a reminder that changing course can lead to an incredible story.